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Muhammad Ali


Muhammad recently completed his undergraduate in Law and has developed a strong interest in Debt and Housing. He has an understanding in how advice organisations work and have excellent customer service skills.

Muhammad was born and raised in East London. He has a background in working for an advice organisation as well as a background in retail and customer services. Muhammad has an active interest in human rights and has a desire into helping people so that he can be able to make a positive impact in peoples lives.

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    • Customer service
    • Gateway assessor
    • Case Management
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    • Technology
    • Travelling
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    • Cooking and Baking
10 Great Turnstile
0800 808 5700

Monday: 09:30 -17:30
Tuesday: 09:30 -17:30
Wednesday: 09:30 -17:30
Thursday: 09:30 -17:30
Friday: 09:30 -17:30