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Umar Islam


Umar is one of our Trainee Debt Advisors who joined the team in October 2020. A 'Doer' with a sharp eye for detail, Umar takes pride in his ability to facilitate dialogue and is driven by the intrinsic reward of helping people with their personal issues. Coming from a background in Bioprocess Engineering with over five years in the retail industry, his technical understanding and emotional intelligence are a seamless fit for delivering high quality, client-focused services.

With over five years of working for various retail organisations, Umar has been able to fine-tune his interpersonal skills and become outstandingly adaptable to any situation or individual. During this time, he has gained a degree in Bioprocessing of New Medicines to attain academic grounding and reinforce his pursuit delivering positive change for people.

Umar has an immense passion for investing in people, cultivating relationships and taking on challenges head-on. He has been involved in many university projects that tackle real-life issues such as vaccine development and famine in developing countries.

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