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Kajol Harrar


Kajol Harrar is a Trainee Debt Advisor and joined the team in October 2020. Kajol has recently achieved her LPC and MSc in Law, Business and Management after completing her LLB Law degree at the University of Leicester. Kajol has previous advisor experience as an employment volunteer caseworker at South West London Law Centre in Croydon.

Kajol found advising clients on employment tribunal proceedings at South West London Law Centre enjoyable and rewarding. She is enthusiastic to help people with their problems and in turn impact the wider community as a whole. After the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kajol was eager to get involved in the Debt Free London project to assist the increasing debt problems faced by a rising number of Londoners. Kajol has strong transferable skills obtained from previous responsibilities including secretarial, admin and legal experiences. Kajol is an understanding, supportive and diligent individual and is eager to advice clients in order to significantly improve their circumstances

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