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Support for female victims of domestic abuse

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To mark the removal of all legal limits on social contact and the re-opening of all premises & large events, Debt Free London is collaborating with Engie and the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant (EDAC) to host an online workshop, on Monday, 21st June, starting at 11am.

This exclusive event is aimed at female victims or survivors of domestic abuse and will provide strategies on how to become financially independent by regaining control of their finances through empowerment, education and FREE, confidential 1-2-1 support from a trained and impartial advisor. This 1-2-1 service will be available via telephone, WhatsApp, face to face and comes with no obligations.

Key Statistics: The techniques adopted by perpetrators to exert economic control varies with most victims or survivors experiencing several forms of economic abuse. For example,

  • 19% of survivors experienced abuse related to accessing money in bank accounts
  • 25% had experienced abuse related to spending and credit
  • 17% had experienced abuse related to education and employment
  • 14% of survivors had limited or no control over their own income
  • On average, victims or survivors of economic abuse were £3,272 in debt, with a quarter of victims or survivors having debts of over £5,000

Learning aims and objectives?

The lack of access to money, high levels of debt and poor credit ratings prevents financial independence. DebtFree London will use this workshop and its dedicated 1-2-1 service to identify:

  • An unhealthy financial situation or relationship in comparison to a healthy and prosperous financial situation
  • What a CCJ is (County Court Judgement) and how DebtFree London can support you
  • Priority debts such as: Council Tax, Mortgages, Rent and Utility arrears.
  • Non-priority debts, which are still important such as Credit Cards and Loans
  • The impact of not meeting agreed payments.
  • Strategies and support from Debt Free London to manage debt, have debts reduced and in some instances, written off. This includes:
    • Completing a financial statement
    • Advice on income maximization via additional initiatives
    • Referrals / signposting were necessary. For example, The Debt Respite Scheme, or Breathing Space aims to relieve pressure from dealing with creditors, so residents can focus on getting debt advice and setting up their debt solution without worrying about being chased for payment or incurring extra charges.
    • Contacting creditors (casework) / advocating on residents’ behalf

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Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at women aged over 18 and who are permanent residents in all London Boroughs.

We particularly encourage from BAME women, lone parents, job seekers, women with gaps in their employment history and those at risk of or recently made redundant.


How to register?

To register to join this free webinar, please sign up via Eventbrite.


Good to Know:

  • This workshop will be delivered online using Microsoft Teams (access to a device and Wi-Fi is required) and joining links will be sent closer to the date via the Eventbrite platform.
  • Referrals and self-referrals are accepted subject to the ‘how to apply’ and ‘who should attend’ criteria above.
  • This is a closed female only event for women affected by domestic abuse and who are safely able to attend the session,
  • You will remain anonymous and do not have to have your cameras on. However, Please identify which London borough you reside in when registering (for monitoring purposes).