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My journey to Debt Free London

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Blog by Sahid Ahmed

"I'm about to graduate but have no idea on what type of career I want" - a common dilemma among new graduates including myself. I knew I wanted to help make positive changes in people's lives. I didn't know what exactly to do...

Having searched for hours online for opportunities, I came across a voluntary generalist adviser role at a local charity called Limehouse Project. I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't think I'd be in the position for too long. However, after my first few days, I realised how much I enjoyed the role and how rewarding it felt, helping people in my community who often were at a disadvantage due to financial exclusion.

Almost a year later, I am now a trainee debt adviser at Debt Free London. I am really enjoying my role and working with the fantastic team here, who all share a shared sense of motivation, willingness, and empathy to create positive changes to people's lives. 

Clients have varying circumstances and come from a range of backgrounds; it is therefore an adviser's role to tailor advice for each individual. Clients often leave appointments feeling reassured and empowered. However, the pandemic has prevented face-to-face advice, restricting advisors to remote forms of communication. This significantly removes the human-emotional aspect of giving advice.

Debt Free London has been quick to find solutions to this, with our omnichannel platforms; and the recent opening of the digital advice centre, which offers a limited number of appointments for individuals who may not be able to effectively use our other omnichannel platforms for communication.

Working remotely is tough, especially when life at home can make things even more difficult. However, I have loved being part of Debt Free London. The level of support I have received has been amazing, especially from my Technical Supervisor. I would love to stay with Debt Free London to further my career.

Often things happen out of our control; we can find ourselves in financial hardship. In these times we can feel overwhelmed and alone, and all we need is a helping hand. I'm grateful to be part of a team that is actively working on being there for people during those difficult times - working together for a Debt Free London.