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Debt. It's more common than you think.

In London, over 1.4 million adults struggle to make ends meet. Join the 250,000 people who have already benefited from free debt advice from dedicated staff across our partnership of FCA regulated charities throughout London.

Rent Arrears

In London – where rents are amongst the highest in the UK – thousands of people struggle to pay their landlords every month.

Utility Bills

No-one should have to go without heating or electricity at any time. Get help to repay your utility debt now before these vital services are cut off.

Council Tax

This is the most common type of debt we see. Last year, a third of those we helped had fallen behind with Council Tax payments.

Credit Cards

It's easy to fall behind on your credit or store card payments. Last year, over a quarter of those we helped owed on their cards.


Many people struggle to repay their loans. We can help you with bank loans, payday loans as well as alternatives to payday loans and loan sharks.

What To Expect When you contact us...

Using the information you’ve given us, we’ll establish the nature and urgency of your debt before giving you a detailed analysis of the help available to you.

We’ll work with you to explore your situation and get all of the information needed to provide you with comprehensive advice. We will then discuss your options and talk you through the pros and cons of each.

Finally, we’ll establish the best possible solution and help you resolve your debt – whether that’s by means of advocacy, representation, or by helping you write letters and supporting you throughout the process. 

Free, expert advice you can trust

We regularly ask those that have received our advice to rate us publicly on Trustpilot, one of the world's biggest review websites, and we're delighted to be rated as great!